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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hello Hutch Puzzle

Finally, it's done, after what's seemed like a month of attempts to paint, move, fix, schedule, sand, paint, touch up, saw, UH!  Alternate this with trying to teach an unnamed little man that potty pots are not cowboy hats, further confusing him by sporadically using the hat to catch vomit... 

So, on to the pretty pictures.

From the moment of Twice Lovely's invention, I've dreamt of painting and designing a breath-taking hutch.  I am only going to show you some bits and pieces of what I've finished. I haven't taken the fully finished picture yet. So I'll do that tomorrow afternoon, while it's sitting prim and proper in the boutique. And I also have a before picture, which I need to dig up somewhere...

I couldn't wait to show you some glimpses tonight, because it's been forever.

I used to have this common design as a bedroom set when I was a little girl. The solid and beautiful top part of the hutch was built for the joke-of-a-lower-half. Just weird. It was a pressed wood headache. But these chippy spindly-things kept me going.

I found a quart of the dreamy aqua color in the cast-off section of the Home D, yo. Ann Marie tried to steal it from me, secretly. But I secretly stole it back. HA-HA! Or perhaps she was just trying to organize me or something. We can never really know for sure.

I'm upset at the lack of detail here. Hopefully the pictures will turn out better tomorrow. But I also loved these three little drawers.

My little man found the brushes sitting in the sink and began to paint the carpet. What what? Everyone KNOWS you can't paint carpet. I'm not that much of a creative idiot to attempt painting the carpet. I really wish I could, though, sometimes.

This was the corny lower-half. The lower drawers were so bad, that it was AM's superb idea to remove them and create a shelf there. I painted the shelf and also the back part (not shown), to unify the entire piece and make it look purposeful.

So, "hopefully" more, tomorrow.
Love, Cara


  1. Looks great so far! Cant wait to see the rest.

  2. looks really really good!! worth all the work to get it to where it is!!

  3. looks great...are you going to find some baskets to fit in those lower shelves where you took the drawers out?

  4. Ok! Well I'm not a lovely gal, this is Ron from Junkblossoms and I want to just say that I think your hutch is great!!! I have run into the same with drawers being bad before and used doors. The next time if the drawer fronts are good I think we'll try hinging them either top or bottom. But you did a great job!! Ron

  5. looks awesome!!!! i love the decorative painting you did in the back- looks like glamorous wallpaper. wonderful as usual! keep em comin' ladies!

  6. Beautiful and love the color!

  7. it's like a breath of fresh air. i love the airy color and the scrolly insides!

  8. This is absolutely lovely! The color is gorgeous!

  9. You have accomplished your goal... the hutch IS breathtaking.

  10. It looks amaaazing! I just love the color. I actually prefer the lower drawers removed. Baskets inside or any other decorative items would be just perfect in there. Fantastic job!


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