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Thursday, May 13, 2010

An explanantion. Then my hutch tomorrow. Hopefully.

Did I frighten you with my mix of rattan and french distressed country? It was not a parody, I swear. I was feeling the guilt of not having posted for a week. We have these big plans, but between sick kids and doctors appointments, it's a bit difficult to keep it coming--and yes, even between the two of us. Anne Marie is working on a great table and chairs set that's going to knock the bootays off. And I have a french hutch that had to be postponed due to a household of the flu.

So I flashed you my ecclectic intellectual front room. I don't know what intellectual means. But I had books in the background; words important enough to be bound and printed. Perhaps it's a Berkeley style intellectual, but intellectual, none the less. So, ecclectic is OK with me. But it's a look that's difficult to achieve, eh? (AND I wanted to show you my newly covered chairs, OKAY??)

I've accepted the fact that I will never have this:

Peter Pennoyer design , source: Cococozy

A successful example of ecclectic:

mm. La la Like.
More please.

This is taken from COCOCOZY's blog, debuting Jayson Home & Garden. In an interview with
Caroline Scheeler, VP Creative Director of Jayson Home & Garden, Ms. Scheeler explains: 
"Collecting and decorating happily and successfully has so much to do with context" What does this mean?

Here's my context:

So do you see what I mean?
(The greatest feeling in the world is watching a one-year-old bouce to hip hop. She's doing it right now. HA!)

So where was I? I just discovered blogger has spellcheck, but when you spell couch "coach" and stuff like that, it doesn't do the trick. And I discovered Ginny Pig is spelt a different way. Oh GREAT!
Enough of this. Let's get to work and roll up some sleeves for the good stuff. See ya very soon. 

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  1. oh man, I sooo want a giant butterfly in my house somewhere!


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