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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Before, and Boa'd After

She's wearing a boa, now! HA! When I came in to the boutique to take the pictures this morning, they were setting up to open on Friday. Purses were scattered across the floor. Jewelry was piled on our furniture. It was ratha chaotic. I couldn't just sweep off the partially-arranged jewelry to take my photos. I suppose that'd be kinda rude. I really shoulda moved that pink basket thingy at the top, but oh well.

Beginning out, it was a very common style. In fact, I had this style in my bedroom as a 10-year-old girl. As I said, it was an unimpressive quality--pressed wood with wobbly drawers. We pulled the lower drawers out to make painted shadow boxes for a wall, and slid a board in to make a shelf for the dresser. Unfortunately we forgot to snap a before of the top part.

The color and overall feeling is better expressed in this picture above, I thought.

And there's the pink basket.

So, good luck to the boutique. They've done a cute job. And it's nice exposure for us, too.



  1. wow, good on you getting a piece of your furniture into a boutique...how'd you do that? I'd love to do the same but really not quite sure where to start, how and who to approach...

  2. I'd have to compare it to artwork that way; it takes some serious guts. When you put yourself out there, EVERYONE has the right to be your critic. And a guaranteed half of them will ignore you or even sneer. A truckload of your favorites directly to the owner of a boutique (try salons, clothing, galleries, shoe stores... anywhere you know they'ed look good! and try try again).

  3. Hi Cara & Ann Marie!
    Just thought I would let you know I have passed an award on to you! Check it out on my blog

  4. Cara and Ann Marie, I am a huge fan of your blog. Cara, I absolutely love this hutch. I think it is pretty spectacular both ways (with and without the accessories). Also, Cara thanks visiting my blog, projectsplenty.blogspot.com and leaving such a nice comment. I was thrilled.

  5. OMG! I remember that dresser!


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