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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Office Chairs? Sure!

Anyone ever heard of geek chic? I only bought these babies as a donation for a new favorite non-profit agency. They needed some chairs for the office.

Just reeealy boring.

A girl does not buy this wall flower for the lines. But I went with the lines, and I bought this fabric at Jo-Annes:

And boring, right?

The black arms and legs really worked. I mean I really worked at distressing those arms and legs. And I was satisfied with how the wood came through with a low sheen of the satin black.

In the end, it worked. I think they'll add some punch to the boring office, but even better, the visitors will be comfy, and the chairs will last for a while.

So Donna, I hope this adds some spark to the waiting room. I suppose I could've pulled that fabric tighter on the upper, but (breathe) I need to let it go.


  1. Awesome transformation!! I mean really, any time you can take a lame office chair and make me want to own it??!?! Your doing something right! ;)

  2. cara- this looks fabulous! it's always so great when you have a project you are not too keen on and it turns into something awesome! great job!

  3. What a great transformation! From yuck to yum, definitely. Great job!


  4. love the fabric!! I saw it in Country Living last month and saved it in my inspiration file. They listed it at $15.90 per yard - was it cheaper at Jo-anns?

  5. Love the chairs. I would use them anywhere they look really stylish. Great job.

  6. YES- the fabric ended up being $6 a yard because it was on double clearance. Score. Actually truth be told, that was the main reason I bought the fab. 2 yards was needed to make the $2 chairs. Total cost: $16.

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