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Friday, April 2, 2010

just a lil' side table

I just found her on the side of the road...
Decided to domesticate this laminate, pressed wood top lil puppy. I couldn't resist.

It's not exactly whiteberry around here...

But her legs are sturdy. AND she's covered in burlap.

and now she's loved.

And speaking of being hated... the chiaroscuro mural. Bah! But I do have to thank you for zipping the lip and restraining yourself to let me know that it actually looked like unfinished chicken scratches. But a true friend gently let me know. That's what true friends are for... gently letting their friends know that they have a welcoming front room full of chicken scratches. I'm SERIOUS! Thanks for the save, Jen. You rock.
So I did have to add some gentle color. I just wanted it to look very subtle. 1st grade classroom or sophisticated???


  1. Oh, I disagree...I thought it was lovely. I think the unexpected is a wonderful addition to any decorating!

  2. I disagree as well. I thought it was great!

  3. You both are very sweet to make a note. Thank you. And perhaps--silence is good for the soul. Blessings on Easter.

  4. I like this little table, with some color in it instead of being all white. You young crafty bloggers are inspiration to us old timers.


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