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Monday, April 26, 2010

black-is-back side tables

The girls had a wonderful time at this last GW Saturday 50% off day.  I wound up with $24 worth of 8 white curtain panels I dont need, but I found this for $4:

A cute lil footrest/seat/coffee table, and yes--that is bleah green carpet. DON'T ask). Isn't the foot rest so sweet? I'm keeping her for this room she's in. Originally, the legs were cherry wood color, but I'm doing them turquoise, now. I usually like to keep things traditional in my home, and then do some playful things here and there. She will make an excellent playmate for what I have goin on in there. Now for some excellent fabric...

And the table underneath is the coffee table I finished.

I also found this side table, too. A pretty common shape and color. 'Scuse the white spray-paint dust on top.

It's that same high-shine cherry.

 And excuse all the commotion and dust in the background, too. I have 5 littles, and there's not a quiet spot in the house.

I wanted to show you an old wooden garden gate I found. Comment to let me know you ideas on it.


  1. hi cara! love the black tables- so nice!
    as for the garden gate- not sure of its size, but i see a headboard. it would also make a nice back to a potting bench, or a garden trellis. can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. those are some awesome finds! the garden gate is so cool!

  3. Do you ever feel bad painting over Nice wood and cherry Stains, I always am afraid what i do will make it look Cheap compared too the lovely high gloss cherry, but that just dosent look right in my house so i paint it and always doubt my work. darrnnit! haha. Did you hand paint the designs on the table.? as far as the garden fence, Headboard would be cool. or Wow i cant think of a second! hmm good luck!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I'm drooling over the gate!!!! I'd hang that sucker on a wall in my home as is!!!!! I'm in love!

  5. Oh my goodness! The gate is amazing! How about a headboard? I would love to have a headboard like that. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  6. This would make a grate door with glass or chicken wire on the back side. Pantry or one of those cute half doors

  7. How about a message center? Add some cork board covered with floral fabric in the square area. Some clothes pins for messages or pictures! Hooks for keys! OMG...I want it...and I'm local! Yew-haw! First dibs here!

  8. I agree with the headboard idea, but I would use it as a daybed headboard. It could also just be hung on a living room wall for a great visual interest.


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